New Blog Post Snuggle Up ! – Snuggle up-

New Blog Post Snuggle Up ! – Snuggle up- it’s gettin’ chilly ! The heart of fall is a time for chunky sweaters, boots, and bell bottom jeans. I find that it can be difficult to stay stylish in midst of the temperatures, but I definitely don’t consider it an excuse. A girl’s gotta’ get creative! Here is a look featured on Darling []


New Blog Post What is a Josie Girl? – He

New Blog Post What is a Josie Girl? – Hey Josie Galz! Recently, I was selected as “Josie Girl of the Month” in a collaboration I participated in with Her Campus and Josie Natori! Josie Girl: “A MODERN girl whose CONFIDENCE and breezy attitude make her a TRENDSETTER without trying. She’s PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. The Josie girl knows that style is FUN, and that fashion doesn’t mean breaking the bank []

New Blog Post Happy Halloween: Larz from

New Blog Post Happy Halloween: Larz from MARZ – Happy Halloween! The day is here. Pumpkins line the streets, leaves crackle as little ghouls and goblins trample down the sidewalks, racing from house to house to get as many treats as they can! For older ghouls and goblins, haunted houses are the activity of choice. Treats get old after a while TRICKS ARE IN! []